Welcome to Routeless Me.com! I created this site to help inspire people to step outside of their comfort zones and to explore their world, especially off the beaten path. I grew up outside New York in a comfortable middle class household. I had the privilege of going on family vacations once or twice a year, but they were always to sheltered resorts and other pre-planned/developed places. I’m was more than thankful for the opportunity to get away, but it wasn’t until I went off to college that I went on my first trip on my own to Colombia. It was that 1 month experience in Medellin that changed my life, and ever since then, I’ve dedicated my life to traveling and trying to make it easier/feasible for others to enjoy as well.

I’m constantly adding interesting travel routes, as well as content about amazing destinations that maybe you’ve never considered visiting on my site. Hopefully you find the content interesting/inspiring! Feel free to contact us about anything that comes to your mind!


Rick from Routeless Me.com

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