Awesome Adventure Sports to Enjoy on Vacation

Kitesurfing is an exciting sport

As a person that doesn’t shy away from trying new things, the idea of finding different ways to get your adrenaline fix appeals greatly to you.  When you spent time in Bali last year for example, you took like a fish to water when it came to surfing, and now it is a big part of your life, and it has enabled you to meet many new friends.

With many exciting trip ideas running through your head this year, you are also seeking out new ideas for extreme sports to pick up in tandem with your travels.  With this in mind, here are three awesome adventure sports to enjoy on vacation when in different parts of the world this year…

1) Kitesurfing

Having already learned the meditative yet challenging sport of surfing in previous years, the time has come for you to kick it up a notch.  By harnessing the power of the wind that drives many of the large swells crashing ashore at your favourite surfing destination, you can add speed and hang time to the equation of this popular activity.

Mastering this newly formed sport can be tricky, so take advantage of the many schools set up in Boracay in the Philippines, as well as the well-protected lagoon that knocks down the big swells that form beyond the coral reef on the southern reaches of the island, making this place an ideal destination to learn this exciting sport.

2) Bungee Jumping

Jumping from a high place with nothing but a strong elastic to protect you from imminent death aren’t most people’s idea of a great time on vacation, but then again, you’re not like most people.  You live for the rush, and few sports deliver that shot of endorphin quite like bungee jumping.

Head to the nation and the town that made this extreme activity famous, Queenstown in New Zealand, and sign up with the AJ Hackett operation for one of the highest and longest jumps on the planet, and soon, you’ll be on a date with the ground, only to be snapped back at the last second, giving an experience that will stay with you for a long time to come.

3) Backcountry Skiing/Snowboarding

Being an accomplished skier or boarder for several years now, your enjoyment of the slopes has been starting to plateau, as you look at the steeps out of bounds at your favourite ski resort and long to carve up its virgin powder, far from the skis and boards of the masses.  After signing up for avalanche safety classes and getting the proper gear that may save your life in a worst case scenario situation, head out with an experienced friend or a guide and get started on exploring the vast alpine bowls and glades beyond the ropes.

A great place to do this is in the Canadian Rockies, where many highly experienced locals will be more than glad to take you out into their favourite backcountry playgrounds, such as Parker Ridge in Banff National Park, The Bald Hills in Jasper National Park, or the Dogtooth Range just behind Kicking Horse Mountain Resort near Golden, British Columbia.

When we are actively learning new things in our life, growth occurs, not in skill acquisition, but mentally, emotionally and socially.  By trying new sports on vacation, you not only allow yourself to have fun, but you also become a better person in the process.