Essential baseball cities to visit in America

photo by CC user wallyg on Flickr

Photo by CC user wallyg on Flickr

Looking to head over to the United States in 2016? If you want to check out the best baseball cities to visit in America, this article will help you pick some of the cities with some of the most dedicated fan bases in Major League Baseball. Check them out below…

Boston, MA

While many baseball stadiums in the United States have since been upgraded to more modern facilities, Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts is by far the oldest baseball park in the country.

Opened in 1912, and with multiple design features that stand out from the vast majority of baseball stadiums in America (such as the infamous Green Monster, and Pesky’s Pole in right field), watching a ballgame here in an entertaining affair, especially due to the fact that the fan base for this team is extremely passionate, leading to a firm commitment to winning by management and the players almost every year.

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New York, NY

After taking a game in Boston, a great contrast to this experience can be had by heading down Interstate 95 to New York City. While Yankee fans are equally as passionate about their team, New Yorkers have a hard edge to their heckling that may shock even the most hard-boiled of sports fans.

The vast majority of the time, they don’t mean anything by it, as this Rough and Tumble Trash-talking is perfectly normal in the tri-state area. Bear this in mind when you meet fellow New Yorkers during your time at Yankee Stadium, and know that it will only be a matter of hours before you find yourself making new friends with them nonetheless (just don’t be a jerk).

No matter what the end result of the game is, the fact that you are in NYC means that there is also an infinite amount of non-sport sightseeing that you can do in the days that follow; as such, New York City should be a firm addition to your sports tourism itinerary in America.

Chicago, IL

Another essential sport city when it comes to touring baseball stadiums in America is the windy city of Chicago. Also known as America’s Second City, this major midwestern center on the shores of Lake Michigan is well known for its dizzyingly high skyscrapers, eclectic food scene, and of course, two of the most classic baseball teams in America.

Synonymous for having hard luck in their results over the past century or so (especially if you’re a Cubs fan), the locals have taken it in stride, and will delight in educating fans that are new to the game on the nuances that baseball has.

Los Angeles, CA

Out on the West Coast, some people may be more interested in surfing, or working on their sun tan on one of the many beaches that Southern California has to offer, but in the last Metropolis of over 10 million people, there are plenty of baseball fans to go around.

Cheering for either the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League, or the Los Angeles Angels of the American League, the sports fans in this part of America are especially dedicated, as they have to contend with some of the worst traffic jams in the country in order to get to the ballpark.

Once there, they blow off steam from their high-pressure jobs by watching players such as Mike Trout or Adrian Gonzalez dominate the competition’s pitching with crushing home run swings at crucial moments in the late Innings of the match.