The most beautiful places in the world to do yoga

Thailand is one of the most beautiful places in the world to do yoga ... photo by CC user Diamondland on wikimedia

Has the grind of everyday life wore your spirit down to the nub lately? Have you thoughr about jetting off to an exotic hideaway halfway around the world to grant yourself the healing that you deserve? There are yoga retreats located in some of the globe’s most stunning places that will help you relax your body and soul. In the following article, we profile three of the most beautiful places in the world to do yoga.

1) Thailand

If some of the most effervescent waters in the world, Buddhist culture, and healthy local cuisine all sound like things you can get behind, then booking your yoga retreat in Thailand will turn out to be one of the best travel decisions that you’ll ever make.

With white sand beaches that are the envy of other tropical destinations, an exotic culture that is peaceful and light-hearted in its composition, and tasty clean dishes that will make your taste buds sing, your days in Thailand will be filled with the positive memories that will make the time spent outside of the yoga studio all the more fulfilling.

2) New Zealand

Despite being a relatively small country on the world stage, New Zealand packs in more epic views per capita than the rest of them. Towering mountains, bubbling hot springs, and even the simplicity of this nation’s soothing rolling countryside in less elevated places will put you in an enlightened frame of mind.

This will enable you to unwind your tension-filled body with new yoga positions that your enthusiastic instructors will be more than happy to teach you. From retreats on the coast to studios in the shadow of mighty ranges like the Remarkables, experiencing a yoga holiday in New Zealand will grant you the fulfillment that you have long sought from your travels around the world.

3) Costa Rica

Being one of the most biodiverse spots on the planet, there are few places on it where nature is in such a harmonious state as it is in Costa Rica. Would you prefer to be situated high on the Continental Divide, where the mists of the cloud forest will provide the backdrop for your pursuit of the perfect zen-like state? Perhaps the sultry tropical beaches of the Pacific or Caribbean, where pounding surf will provide a constant rhythm to your trip, are more your style?

No matter what suits you best, Costa Rica has numerous yoga studios and retreats that will be eager to help you reduce the chaos and tension that is wracking your body and spirit.