Best Time To Visit Jaco, Costa Rica

 When is the best time to visit Jaco, Costa Rica for awesome views like this?

Knowing the best time to visit Jaco generally means knowing the climate of the land. Fortunately, this coastal town is a decent vacation destination in Costa Rica any time of the year. Jaco is just 80 miles away from the capital city of San Jose, and the drive that takes tourists all the way there is definitely a pleasant two-hour view of the countryside.

Getting around Jaco on foot is possible during daytime, and this town is fairly safe knowing the relative standards of Central America. Most of the popular tourist activities in Jaco involve a lot of endeavors around the proactive lifestyle genre. If the tourists are not surfing against the sea waves, they are most likely at the famous fitness centers doing pilates, boxing, yoga, circuit training or capoeira.

Jaco’s tourist attractions are just about anything that gets the adrenaline pumping. Other outdoor activities include mountain biking and zip line rides – with the latter providing an excellent opportunity to alter the common beach scenery. Knowing the weather will either make one’s vacation a blast or a disaster.

1. August to early December

The wet season in around the Central Pacific region begins around August and ends during early December. Apparently this may not be the best time to visit Jaco because the normally humid climate could get a lot worse.

Rains may oftentimes spoil the fun in the beach but indoors one can appreciate the picturesque scene of the gray horizon. The wet season could be a good time to ride the zip line since it lubricates the wheeled harness through the steel chords, allowing a faster ride over the misted treetop canopy.

2. Late December to early April

The latter month of December to April marks the dry season in this town. During daytime, the temperature may reach up to 32 degrees Celsius. Many fitness buffs may find any day in these months as the best time to visit Jaco because the heat challenges their physical performance, but one must realize that this town is a tropical environment.

It is not advisable to underestimate the sun’s heat. Luckily, since Jaco lies on the seashore, the climate is normally humid and less scorching. It is definitely a good time to be going out at the beaches to either swim or go for a sun bathing. One may equate these months to summer, although a pleasant one at that.

3. Late April to August

The remaining months are quite unpredictable but pleasant nonetheless. There are times when rains occur during these months. However, it is around the months of June where the humidity is at its highest. People could be more likely to get sick during this time of the year.