Britain vs France: where’s best for a short break?

If you only have a short holiday, both France and the UK offer great options!

France is an all time favorite destination for Brits for many reasons; the French countryside and boasts of some of the most inspiring panoramas, superb sporting landscapes and finest cuisine in the whole of Europe. Needless to say the wine regions of France add to the beauty of a France short break with their vast acres of well groomed vineyards and historical towns.


France offers serene retreats with its variety of magnificent holiday homes located in pristine destinations such as Brittany, Manor houses in Loire valley, Languedoc and charming homes in Normandy. They ooze of ancient charm and character with their stylish designs and locations.

Britain on the other hand is as fascinating with its picturesque landscapes, famous cities, history, medieval towns and villages and areas of outstanding natural beauty. Holiday homes in France may offer ancient charm and comfort but nothing beats the luxury and privacy of a cozy log cabin in the serene and scenic Cotswolds. The Cotswolds with its quaint honey colored villages, rolling hills and its vibrant medieval towns and walls make for a postcard perfect landscape. A log cabin experience in this region is unforgettable with large glass windows facing a lakeside, perched on a hill or hidden in the wooded areas.

The UK countryside is a magical place awaiting your exploration, it is a place where drama never ends, the scenes will leave you speechless, the adventure options are innumerable and the rivers and lakes tranquil and beautiful.

The range of UK countryside accommodation is also extreme, from a simple converted barn to a self catering cottage and from well furnished log cabins to spacious stately homes and castles (see more at For any kind of holiday the UK countryside is rich with variety and you are only left to marvel at the possibilities. If you have been living in a city and need a rejuvenating countryside experience, look no further than the picture perfect UK countryside.


When it comes to city experiences London and Paris each has its own wealth of attractions and uniqueness. London is a city boasting of rich history, beautiful architecture and world’s most iconic landmarks. Paris on the other hand is also known for its exquisite cuisine and of course the world’s most iconic tower, the Eiffel Tower.

London as compared to Paris has more museums, parks, more UNESCO sites, more attractions and landmarks unlike its counterpart; it is also cheaper to get around London than Paris, after all Paris is one of the most expensive cities in the world.

Paris is also home to Disneyland Paris and may not have as many restaurants as London but boasts of more Michelin starred restaurants and many world-class culinary schools. In Paris it is hard not find something unique at every turn, a gothic church, a winding medieval street, an iconic monument or an elegant wrought iron balcony.

Both London and Paris have different things to give to the world, once you make a choice, none of the cities will disappoint you because they complement each other.

All in all, both countries and their capital cities offer much for the traveler, even if they are stuck with a short holiday.