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The Famous Neighbourhood of Fitzrovia

Fitzrovia is referred to as the urban village. It has a profound bohemian history. The neighbourhood is an area in Central London close to London's West End. It is nestled between Bloomsbury and Marylebone. Fitzrovia is characterised by activities in areas like retail, business, education and healthcare activities. The neighbourhood is home to charming streets and is lined with Edwardian-era apartments, Neoclassical mansions and warehouses. Fitzrovia is where you can find a wide range of media

3 great and inexpensive staycations in the UK

With the global recovery from the events of seven years grinding along at a maddeningly slow pace, your finances have yet to improve to the robust status that they held before the economy went off a cliff in 2008. You've waited it out, hoping that things would get better, but now, there is no longer room in your budget to fly off to the Costa del Sol on a moment's notice. Despite these hardships, things will only improve if you find ways to be grateful for what you do have, and by finding ways

Britain vs France: where’s best for a short break?

France is an all time favorite destination for Brits for many reasons; the French countryside and boasts of some of the most inspiring panoramas, superb sporting landscapes and finest cuisine in the whole of Europe. Needless to say the wine regions of France add to the beauty of a France short break with their vast acres of well groomed vineyards and historical towns. COUNTRYSIDE CHARISMA France offers serene retreats with its variety of magnificent holiday homes located in pristine destinations