Important Things To Know About Visiting Uganda

While your mind may be fixed upon scenes like this one, there are important things to know about visiting Uganda before you come here...

It is important to familiarize yourself with the top things to know about visiting Uganda because this country is practically not an ordinary place. Uganda is located in East Africa and is landlocked by other neighboring nations in the region. Beyond the eastern borders lies Kenya, while the western outskirts conjoin the territory of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Up north lies Kenya, down south is Tanzania and southwest is Rwanda.

Uganda is one of the most populated countries in East Africa, with its inhabitants numbering up to 27 million people. Unfortunately, their short life expectancy of 57 years may have been directly correlated with its population density. This is an obvious outcome caused by relatively limited resources and inefficient distribution of services. The officially recognized language is English, which is something that all foreign visitors can be thankful for (knowing a lot of countries in Africa either speak French or Arabic as an international medium).

1. Safe sex means “no sex”

One of the top things to know about visiting Uganda is that this country has the highest percentage of contracting sexually transmitted disease. HIV and Ebola virus is so rampant that the extent has already become a national concern. Given that Uganda has a very poor health care service and limited national funding to combat this problem, the religious community is one of the most integral fronts against this challenge.

The rule of chastity is a matter of basic survival. Foreign visitors with liberated mindset towards the issue of sexuality ought to know better than risk violating this unwritten rule.

2. Thou shalt not use God’s name in vain!

Uganda’s local society is so steeped in religion that it would almost constitute a minor criminal offense to attack the spiritual institutions in the country. Although the Christian majority and Muslim minority are constantly at each other’s throats for several decades, they both share the same fervor and the common distaste for people with militant agnostic or atheistic conduct. This religious fervor extends directly to the fashion statement in the country.

Except in the capital city of Kampala, any visitor would be frowned upon for wearing shorts or skimpy skirt. It would be advisable to dress in modestly if one plans to make friends with the locals.

3. LGBT: another acronym for “a miserable lifetime experience”

Another of the very important top things to know about visiting Uganda is that this is one of the countries that do not tolerate homosexuality. Like in Saudi Arabia, Uganda’s government imprisons anyone who publicly expresses their homosexual personalities. Jail sentence for gays often extend for many decades, similar to murder or drug trafficking in United States. This country has one of the most hostile treatments of the LGBT people.

4. One needs a tough stomach (literally)

Uganda’s public health level is substandard for global requirement is concerned. Apart from sexually transmitted disease, there is a high level of being afflicted with digestive problems. It is best to be clinical with one’s hygiene.