How to Marry Abroad Without Halving Your Guest List

Many couples shy away from destination weddings because of the logistics involved in organising one. It looks almost impossible to marry abroad without disappointing some friends and family members. However, you can have a great wedding in any destination with your preferred guest list if you plan well. The greatest challenge for most couples is choosing whom to invite or leave out for their wedding. Consider the following tips when organising your destination wedding.

1. Invite Close Friends and Family

As soon as you mention a destination wedding, everyone on your contacts list will be interested. The best approach is to invite your close family members and friends. Leave out former classmates that you only met in lecture halls or family members you have never seen for years. The reality is that you cannot accommodate all your connections from school to family and your workplace. However, you can still consider extras if you feel the destination can accommodate it or if you get a lot of cancellations. Keep a b-list just in case spots clear up and ask for confirmation before the wedding to see if you can make space for extra guests.

2. Send Your Invites Early

Start sending invites as soon as you decide on your destination. Give clear instructions for the guests to confirm their attendance at least three to four months before the wedding. Have a backup list in case some of the guests cancel their attendance within the grace period. Sending invites early gives your guests enough time to plan their flights and accommodation. In addition, give your guests a cost estimate for the trip when sending the invites.

3. Choose the Right Location

The location determines the number of guests you can invite and the total cost. Work with a wedding planner from your destination to find the best location. It is easier and cheaper to organise a destination wedding when you can get service providers in the same area as your venue. Think about the comfort and safety of your guests as well when choosing the location. And think about the space available as well. Mykonos for example is a popular destination, which is fit for large wedding parties – some Mykonos villas available through BlueVillas can fit any amount up to 90 guests. Before choosing destination, make sure that you get a clear estimate of how many guests can be accommodated when visiting.

4. Be Firm with Your Parents

Your parents can ruin your plans if you are unclear about your budget and guest list. They will invite everyone they know to witness their child get married without considering your preferences and budget. Talk to them early enough and give them a specific number of guests they can invite. Be firm with your decision and communicate openly about it without offending them. You want happy parents on your big day.

5. Consider Kids and Plus Ones

Your guests may bring their kids along and ask for plus one invites. Give a specific number of the plus ones and kids as well. Remember that children interpret weddings differently. Kids will also require special attention when travelling. Ask your guests to communicate their plans to travel with kids. Ensure that they understand the cost implications of the same. Your ideal location should have enough space for kids to play while their parents attend the wedding.

You can have the wedding of your dreams in any location in the world if you work with an elaborate plan. The process starts with choosing the best location based on your budget and your desired guest list. You will not need to halve your guest list if you start with the right people on the list. While you may want everyone you know to attend your wedding, a small destination wedding is easier and cheaper to manage.

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