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Tips for Your Trip to Paris

Paris is one of the very top tourist destinations in the world. Over 32 million people visit the greater Paris region each year. In 2014, visitors to Paris spent 17 billion dollars in the city. For the lucky ones that are joining the millions of tourists in the city, here are some tips to make your trip a success. Where to stay A great tip for visitors to the French capital is to bypass the hotels in favor of a rented home in the city. Vacation rentals in France range from trendy lofts, to spacious

Britain vs France: where’s best for a short break?

France is an all time favorite destination for Brits for many reasons; the French countryside and boasts of some of the most inspiring panoramas, superb sporting landscapes and finest cuisine in the whole of Europe. Needless to say the wine regions of France add to the beauty of a France short break with their vast acres of well groomed vineyards and historical towns. COUNTRYSIDE CHARISMA France offers serene retreats with its variety of magnificent holiday homes located in pristine destinations

Best Places to Hike in the World

As an active traveler, lying on the beach is not your idea of a vacation well spent.  For you, the height of a great travel experience is had when you are exploring a destination’s natural assets, trekking to mountain ridges, secluded waterfalls, and alongside ruggedly beautiful sea coasts. The world has much to offer the avid hiker, making action paralysis a very real possibility when attempting to plan a trip for this purpose.  In order to give you ideas that will get you on a plane and