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Essential baseball cities to visit in America

Photo by CC user wallyg on Flickr Looking to head over to the United States in 2016? If you want to check out the best baseball cities to visit in America, this article will help you pick some of the cities with some of the most dedicated fan bases in Major League Baseball. Check them out below... Boston, MA While many baseball stadiums in the United States have since been upgraded to more modern facilities, Fenway Park in Boston, Massachusetts is by far the oldest baseball park in the

5 reasons to visit Brazil!

girls at Carnival, Brazil With its beautiful beaches, picturesque parks and vibrant cities where else would you want to go except...Brazil! This vast country, located in South America, is the fifth largest in the world and has a wealth of varying different features suitable for everyone. Whether you are looking to relax and take in the surrounding culture or explore the mountains and rainforest, Brazil will never leave you searching for something fun and interesting to do. Here are just five reasons to visit Brazil out