Which Time Is The Best Time To Visit Saint Helena?

Being a remote island in the South Atlantic, any time could be considered the Best Time To Visit Saint Helena, as a big part of a trip here is the aesthetic of adventure!

There is one ideal way to find out the best time to visit Saint Helena – the generic weather forecast. The weather certainly is a formidable force of nature. It determines two things that are non-negotiable when it comes to traveling other places. A particular season can affect one’s security.

One thing particular about the weather of Saint Helena is that being located in the tropical equatorial trough can render interchangeable winds. One can find a sudden change in a day’s climate from rainy morning to sunny noontime. The important thing as far as safety is concerned is to keep watch of the news forecast.

Another aspect that weather affects very easily is the convenience. Some seasons may prove more accessible for certain people while other seasons prove a problem. It is simply a matter of letting nature appeal to one’s preference.

1. The heat all around between January and March

The hottest months of the year, beginning from January and ending around March, can be the best time to visit Saint Helena. Summer appeals to the lively travelers and this climate is very conducive for a festive atmosphere.

When the climate is sultry, people feel the energy and it inspires proactivity. Around these three months, expect people to be around outdoors more often, especially during daytime. It could get a bit crowded.

2. What’s special about June, July and August?

If there is anything special about these months, these are the nights and early mornings. Apart from these times of the day, everything feels normal and temperate. But during late night and dawn, the environment is really at its coldest. If anyone prefers a very cool romantic couple’s night out and dinner in Saint Helena, the nights in these months are the most ideal.

Going for an outdoor excursion at dawn is also very good in these months due to the coldness. Mountain climbing or jogging will not take a toll out of you. Most importantly, for those who simply want to relax in their vacation, these months will truly prolong morning slumber and wake you up during the midday hours.

3. When is the rainy season?

For some people, the rainy season is the best time to visit Saint Helena. Unlike other places at along the earth’s northern hemisphere, Saint Helena is located at the southern parts of Atlantic Ocean.

These regions on earth have milder rainy days, although its humidity and dampness are something else. Rainy season occurs around March to May, with April being the heaviest. The same thing is to be expected around July to September, with August being the rainiest as well.