Top Things To Do In Cameroon

The top things to do in Cameroon will definitely provide an enriching experience.  While recently, there have been travel advisories discouraging visits to the country due to the Boko Haram, those brave enough to heed the warnings (but not without caution, of course) are often rewarded with an unforgettable cultural experience.

Here are some of the top things to do in Cameroon:

things to do in Cameroon

Visit the Dja Faunal Reserve.  The Dja Faunal Reserve is home over 1500 plant species, 107 mammal species and 320 bird species, (some of which are already threatened species).  Going on a safari tour in this nature reserve allows you to see these animals in their natural habitat and at a safer distance.

See Cameroonian art.  The Musee Afhemi may be a private property, but you can always arrange tours in the gallery.  The gallery features Cameroonian art as well as regional artworks that reflect the owner’s taste.  Tours in the gallery are available in English, and lunches may be included in the tour package.  But do book ahead.

The Musee d’Art Camerounais is also another venue where you can see a larger and more impressive collection of traditional Cameroonian art.  But as of the moment, they are still developing the contemporary art section.

Birdwatching.  One of the top things to do in Cameroon is to go bird watching.  Cameroon’s rich rainforests and jungles are home to a great number of bird and mammal species, making it a great avenue for birdwatching or simply, admiring the country’s biodiversity.  Korup National Park is a popular bird watching destination in the country.

Splurge on local handicraft.  Considering on shopping for souvenirs?  Local Cameroonian handicrafts make grade souvenirs and mementos for your trip in this beautiful country.  Head out to Marche de Fleurs, where you can get a great deal on local handicrafts by haggling.