3 Amazing Adventures On A Morocco Family Holiday

Journeying to the Atlas Mountains is an excellent thing to do on a Morocco family holiday

Morocco is intoxicating with its variety, the ancient medinas, the bustling souks, the golden sand dunes, the rugged Atlas ranges, the pristine coastline and the Berber culture that has fascinated travelers for ages. It has something to offer everyone and its geographical location as the nearest African nation ton Europe, it is the perfect option for families seeking adventure and the sun without having to travel half the globe. Some of the best family adventures in Morocco include:


Morocco is home to some of the best surf spots in the world, with its countless miles of sandy beaches it is hard not to find the best surfing spot for your family. Taghazout is an area well known for its perfect right hands that have been attracting surfers for ages. The most consistent area is between Safi and North Rabat.

Banana Beach offers lush plantations, a laid back village and perfect surfing for all levels. Near Banana Beach is the Devils Rock which is more consistent and mostly crowded due to its proximity to the village. It is ideal for family surfing as it offers diversity in waves and low and high tides.

The seaside town of Essaouira is an ideal destination for a family holiday, it is a town where life moves at a slower pace and the sea breezes create a playground for surfers. There is also a lot to do off the surfing boat such as eating fresh sea food, exploring the harbor and interacting with friendly locals.


The Atlas Ranges are proudly refered to as ‘Mountains of Mountains’ by the Berbers, and this is not in vain, they are home to North Africa’s highest point Jebel Toubkal together with four other true summits. A family trekking holiday on the Atlas Mountains is perfect for families who want an adventure holiday in Morocco and will expose to you a way of life that has been unchanged for ages. It is a trek that will take you to glorious heights and reward you with stunning sceneries of deep river valleys and colorful terracing either side of Berber villages and fascinating rock formations. If you fancy a truly authentic experience then try staying at Maroc Lodge.


Morocco is home to a variety of landscape that make it ideal for adventure and the Sahara Desert is one of them. The vast Sahara Desert is a place of ageless beauty with its legendary dunes and vast spaces ideal for adventures. A family trip to the desert could take a couple of days or just a few hours depending on the mode of travel. You can explore the desert in a caravan trek or a in a 4WD or you can combine both so that your family can have a taste of both worlds.

Sunsets in the desert are spectacular with the sun rays creating a spectrum of colors over the stunning sandy dunes. You can stay in a desert camp for the night and enjoy Berber entertainment and fine food under a blanket stars. A desert camp with your family is one that you will never forget.