3 Different Kinds Of Luxury Holiday

Watching the elephants in Namibia on a luxury holiday is one of the grander pleasures in life!


Namibia is a country wedged between the dusty plains of the Kalahari Desert and the chilly Atlantic Ocean with dramatic landscapes and stunning wealth of wildlife. The vast Namib Desert dominates the country with its picturesque sand formations, vast incredible landscapes and vistas and dreamy unforgettable sunsets.

A luxury holiday safari in Namibia takes you to witness some of the world’s most unique destinations and staying in luxurious lodges deep in the wilderness. The Namib Naukluft Park is the largest in Africa and home to the rarest and most peculiar plant and animal species on the planet.

The Diamond coast offers strange attractions such as the mysterious ghost towns, famous flamingos that flock the Walvis Bay. You can stay in luxurious accommodations in this region and use it as a base to explore the rare attractions of this dramatic coast.

It is impossible to have a luxury safari in Namibia without visiting the striking Etosha Park, once a huge Northern Namibia Lake and now just oases that attracts masses of wild animals who flock here to quench their thirst.

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Cyprus is one destination is eternally popular for its multitude of options for the perfect luxurious holiday. It is an island of great beauty, stunning golden beaches, rugged coastline, forest clad mountains, hills and traditional villages oozing with Cypriot charm and lifestyle. There is a range of luxurious resorts with all kinds of great hotels and villas offering comfort away from home.

Cyprus has an overwhelming cultural heritage, wherever you travel in the country you are bound to find ancient structures such as churches and monasteries that date back to over 9000 years ago. You will be amazed by the Roman and Greek ruins and a visit to the Aphrodite Rock is a must to see where this fascinating island gets its name as an ‘island of love’.

The local cuisine of Cyprus is amazing with its array of traditional tasty courses; you can spend an evening in a local taverna, sample traditional Greek meze or visit a harbor side taverna for fresh sea delicacies.


Uzbekistan is one amazing country for off the beaten path experiences, it is a land soaked up in history, traditions and culture and displays its treasures proudly to the world. While you follow the ancient Silk Road you will be fascinated by its wealth of treasures that dot along the road as a way of saying ‘have been here, done that’.

On holidays to Uzbekistan you have to explore the intricate Islamic architecture, the majestic forts, palaces and dwellings of the past in this marvelous country. As it is a lesser visited destination, you are going to enjoy luxurious accommodations at very affordable rates.

Explore the age old Khiva on foot taking in all its ancient beauty, discover Central Asia’s most ancient living city, Bukhara,  see the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Shakhrisabz and in regal Samarkand and explore the wonders of Registan Square.