The most awe-inspiring places for health retreats

India is one of the top awe-inspiring places for health retreats ... photo by CC user 31341155@N07 on Flickr

Feeling bent out of shape lately by all the abuse that the modern world throws your way on a daily basis? There are many awe-inspiring places for health retreats around the globe that will restore balance within your soul and body. All that you need to do is find the spot that works best for you: on that note, the following three destinations have an abundance of wellness resorts that will help you in this quest.

1) New Zealand

From subtropical beaches in the north, to jaw dropping glaciers and fiords amidst the mountains of the South Island, New Zealand certainly counts as one of the most awe-inspiring places for health retreats in the world.

With programs at this nation’s resorts taking full advantage of this ruggedly beautiful terrain of this blessed corner of the planet, those that end up choosing this Polynesian island for their wellness holiday will find themselves enveloped by some of the epic scenery that can be found anywhere on the globe.

2) Greece

With many islands that boast some of the most engrossing beach and ocean views that can be had anywhere on Earth, Greece is also an outstanding place to search for a compatible health retreat. With one of the best diets in the world when it comes living a healthy and long life, the fundamentals found at many of the resorts scattered across the Greek islands (and the mainland as well) are also rock solid.

This is a fact that will make you feel complete as you gaze longingly out at the sunset from iconic locations such as Oia on Santorini, or at Shipwreck Beach on Zante. No matter where you find yourself, a health retreat in Greece is certain to be a divine experience for you and anyone else that accompanies you here.

3) India

Many of yoga’s principles can be traced back to India, which makes it a prime destination among those seeking the ultimate wellness experience. However, that isn’t all that draws foreign visitors to this nation from far and wide, as tropical beaches with droopy palms in Goa and the soaring heights of the Himalayas in the north serve to prove that India is also an awe-inspiring place from a visual standpoint as well.

Whether you end up mediating in the high alpine, with only the sound of flapping Tibetan prayer flags being the only external source of noise, or you end up doing natural hot yoga on a riverboat in the far flung reaches of the steamy state of Kerala, it is a virtual certainty that you’ll find a spot that suits you best during the course of your research into a wellness holiday in India.