Movie Themed Slot Machines – Where Design and Technology Meet

Movie themed slot machines are more exciting than the normal variety...

Technology is a beautiful thing, there is no doubt about that. It manages to bring together both innovative ideas and creative designs in an attempt to improve the lives of each and every person. Added to the endless number of practical advantages that technology introduces, we also find that one of the core features of technology is for it to make our lives more entertaining.

From a photo gallery to an arcade centre, a cinema to a music player, it is amazing the number of possibilities something like a smartphone or tablet has to offer. For many people the primary purpose of these fantastic objects is as a window that allows them to find infinite videos of cats doing silly things, but for many others, technology opens the door to a long list of marvelous activities.

One of the main benefits that this technology has introduced, is the ability to find a massive collection of different online gambling games. Some of the most interesting gambling games to experience is the many awesomely themed online slot machines. We find that the film industry and the online gambling world has joined forces, creating a number of exciting movie themed video slots.

Here are some of our favourites…

Pink Panther

Everyone should remember the sly pink feline and his shenanigans while messing with the poor little moustached man. Chances are that the classic Pink Panther tune immediately popped into your head after reading the heading above. Thanks to the people from PokiesPalace, fans of the animated show can now experience some top class reminiscing by playing this 40-payline Pink Panther themed game.


Keeping with the idea of memorable theme songs that instantly spring back to mind, the Ghostbusters is without a doubt up there. This action-packed video slot, based directly on the hit 1984 feature film, will have true Ghostbusters fans grinning from ear to ear. Help the clan tackle some of the most iconic ghosts out there, including the ever popular grotesque character that is Slimer.