3 beautiful secluded beaches in Spain

secluded beaches in Spain like this one will give your inner introvert a chance to recharge in the mist if beautiful natural scenes like this one!

When one thinks of beaches in Spain, thoughts instantly turns towards the uber busy resorts found in places like Costa Blanca, Costa Del Sol, the Balearic Islands, and elsewhere along this nation’s abundant dreamlike coastline.

However, with so much frontage on the Mediterranean and milder portions of the Atlantic Ocean compared to other parts of Europe, there are bound to be secluded gems that fly under the radar of resort planners, for one reason or another.

If you shy away from the masses that descend upon the resort areas that everyone and their dog already know about, the following three secluded beaches in Spain are for you, my friend! So close your eyes, and begin to dream as we fill you in on the details of a Spanish beach getaway that will put you one on one with the brilliant natural scenes that only a secluded beach scene can bring.

1) Cala de Algaiarens, Menorca

Our first beach takes us to Menorca, one of Spain’s most popular resort islands in the Mediterranean. While the primary streches of sand are well-populated through much of the year, one can easily find peace even during high season by retiring to Cala de Algaiarens.

This blessed spot is cloistered by tall cliffs, which serves to stymie resort developers, but it also grants beach fanatics a place with loamy white sand with a trace of people at best through the busy times of the year.

2) El Palmar Beach, Cádiz

Located well away from resort districts, El Palmar is a rarity in modern day Spain, with no development in site, despite the wide open beaches found here. Facing the open Atlantic, it gets vigorous surf, making an ideal haunt for avid surfers. The lack of development means that visitors here should come prepared: bring snacks, water, and a parasol for shade.

3) Cala d’en Serra, Ibiza

A secluded beach on Ibiza? Impossible, you say! Despite your disbelief, Cala d’ en Serra is a dreamy cove on the north side of the island, situated a long way away from the clubs and throbbing bass that they provide.

This spot is popular with the locals, so you’ll be able to practice your Spanish to tell them how lucky they are to have such a beautiful spot to themselves on such a popular island!

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