Staying in Shape For Travel  

Staying in Shape For Travel just requires dedication 

The last time I took an extended trip I visited a European city whose layout required a lot of extended walking or riding on local transit systems.  It was pleasant for the initial day or so, but I quickly realized how badly out of shape I was.  When I returned home I promised myself that before I went on my next journey I was going to get in better condition so I wouldn’t have to soak each day after walking to see the sights.


That determination led me to take advantage of a Groupon promo code that offered a $500 discount on a Bowflex home gym exercise system.  I promptly ordered one that was delivered within a week.  I was working out 20 or 30 minutes daily to get myself in shape for extended walking.  I had gotten into better condition so I could do some more serious touring of areas that aren’t usually included in traditional travel guidebooks.  After 3 months of working out every other day I felt I was ready to take on the exertions of traveling again.  But this time I found that climbing up and down the hills of San Francisco.  And even though my daily workouts on the gym machine had gotten my body in better condition, I hadn’t counted on climbing those hills!  I needed one of Bowflex’s treadmills to get me in shape for that kind of work, and I made a mental note to add it to my new exercise room when I returned home. 


In the interim I took advantage of my visit to walk as much as possible; even to the point of almost missing the traditional cable car ride.  But I dined in some great restaurants.  Not just the famous ones – although I checked out one or two of those as well.  But I really enjoyed trying out the foods in the many ethnic restaurants that abound in the city.  You were truly able to get a taste of the different elements that make up the town.  Of course, one can’t go about eating like I did, unless you know you have the equipment at home to help you work off those pounds you accumulate while traveling – another reason why I was glad I used that Groupon promo to get the Bowflex now there for me.