Tips for saving money while traveling in the digital age

One of the common myths (or excuses) about traveling is the cost but where there is a will there is a way and with today’s latest technology, saving money on the go is easier than ever before. So take a look at some tips for saving money while traveling in the digital age.
Tech Tips for saving money while traveling

Research Your Plane Tickets and be Flexible
With literally thousands of websites to search for flights it can be confusing where to start but if saving money is your primary concern I recommend a site that allows for flexible dates and locations such as Google Flights. If you are not picky about what day you must leave on or even exactly which airport you want to fly in our out of, you can save a lot of cash with these flexibility options. Say for example you want to take a flight to Europe sometime in June but you are open to different dates and cities, a good flexible flight searcher can save you a ton of money you can put towards other things on your trip.

Travel Off The Path But Not Too Far
It’s true that less touristy locations can be cheaper but sometimes this backfires. If you end up in to remote a location the choices for transportation and lodging can be limited, forcing you to pay whatever rate is available. Your best bet to save money on lodging is to pick a location that gets plenty of visitors but use a hotel search to book a room in the off season. It’s all about playing supply and demand and when there’s an abundance of hotels and very few travelers this can work in your favor to save you big bucks. But when traveling in the off season make you sure you check the weather report because there may be a reason you are the only one there.

Alternatives Lodgings
A recent outcropping of “homeshare” sites such as AirBnb have also created other ways to save while traveling. These sites allow owners to rent their spaces for days or months and give the traveler an experience more akin to the locals. Speaking of homesharing, why not consider being on the renter side of the transaction. If you have the means you could purchase a vacation home and rent it out as a home share when you are not using it, this could possibly turn your vacation into a net gain!

Use Travel Specific Apps
Each country just like each traveler has their own unique quirks. So with the abundance of apps specially for travel will allow you to narrow your niche. There are apps just specific languages and regions and for traveler types such as  the backpacker, nightlifer, weekend warrior, foodie, and beach bum. While travel apps like Get Your allow you to book activities instantly based on their reviews and location they also offer price guarantees and special last minute deals.

So put that smart phone to use and  take advantage of these tips for saving money while traveling. Because the more money you save the more places you can go!