Tips for Your Trip to Paris

Paris is one of the very top tourist destinations in the world. Over 32 million people visit the greater Paris region each year. In 2014, visitors to Paris spent 17 billion dollars in the city. For the lucky ones that are joining the millions of tourists in the city, here are some tips to make your trip a success.

Where to stay

A great tip for visitors to the French capital is to bypass the hotels in favor of a rented home in the city. Vacation rentals in France range from trendy lofts, to spacious villas. For those with some money to spend, vacation rentals also offer unsurpassed privacy and luxury with all the comforts of a home away from home. Private chefs, cleaning services and more can all be hired. Depending on your travel dates, locations range from the famous boulevard of Champs-Elysees, in the 8th Arrondissement, to the trendy St Germain des Pres and more.

Choosing your travel dates

Paris is located in the northern region of France, and the temperature varies by the season. It’s useful to plan your travel dates around your desired weather conditions. The winters in Paris pack quite a chill, and often the conditions are wet too. The average temperature for the month of December is around 5 Celsius, but occasionally the temperatures drop enough for some snow to fall. Despite the cold and rainy conditions, there’s definitely something magical about winter in the city. Fairy lights twinkle throughout the streets, and hot pastries and cocoa are available in many corner bakeries.

Springtime is a favorite for many that know Paris well. The weather can range from chilly to quite warm, and the city parks bloom beautifully. By the end of April, the average temperature is 12.5 degrees Celsius, and your chances of rain are slimmer with each day the season progresses. You’ll see the terraces full of both Frenchmen and tourists alike, and the parks will be bustling with movement too. Bikes are for rent throughout the city, and make a great way to get around.

Summer is also a fabulous time to visit the city. The weather is dry, for the most part, and the sun shines with frequency! Paris rarely gets extremely hot, and the high temperature for the end of July is 30 Celsius. The Parisian parks make a great place to spend a warm summers afternoon, and the café terraces a great place to spend the pleasantly warm evenings.

For lovers of pretty fall views, autumn is a perfect time to visit the city. Trees are aflame with the bright colors of the season, and the weather is mild (albeit a tad rainy). By the end of September the average temperature has dropped down to about 14.5 Celsius. Pack a jacket, and you’ll be perfectly comfortable to walk or bike through the city.

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What to pack

Depending on the weather, you’ll want to pack jackets, sweaters or other layers as necessary. That aside, if you want to blend in with the classy Parisians, here are some tips:

Think solid colors and basics. The ever so stylish French don’t dress in loud patterns, but rather choose well fitting, subtle items instead. French women don’t often wear heels unless the setting is very formal or in some business environments. You’ll notice many women wearing leather ballerina flats, or basic espadrille shoes – which is great for tourists who plan to do a lot of walking because lets face it, heels just don’t make good walking shoes!

Also, be sure to pack a camera, and a conversion plug so you can continue to use your chargeable devices.

What to see

Paris offers endless sights to see. A favorite for everyone is the Eiffel Tower, and as overly touristy as this may seem, it’s most definitely worth a visit, even if you decide not to climb to the top. Be aware of pickpockets, who are known to operate in this area.

The Louvre is also a must-visit. This is the largest museum in the world, and although it is most famous for the masterpiece The Mona Lisa, there are countless other interesting things to see within the doors of this landmark museum.

The Notre-Dam is another very famous Parisian icon. This breathtaking gothic cathedral is known for its connection to the novel-turned-Disney-movie The Hunchback of Notre-Dam. Entrance to the church is free, so there’s really no excuse to miss out on this architectural masterwork.

The famous avenue Champs-Elysees isn’t as much a sight to see, as it is a place to experience. This wide street descends from the Arc de Triumph, and is lined with theatres, cafes and luxury shops, making it a great place to spend an afternoon leisurely strolling and window-shopping. The street truly is beautiful, and the French have suitably named it la plus belle avenue du monde or `the most beautiful avenue in the world’.

With these tips in mind, your trip to Paris is sure to be outstanding! Enjoy your trip!

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